Mission Statement

To grow and foster civic leadership for a healthier Sumner County.

Program Application

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Who We Are

Sumner County Leadership Initiative (SCLI) was formed to be the center of excellence for civic leadership development in Sumner County and its communities. 

The purpose of  SCLI is to identify future leaders of  all the communities in Sumner  County, to make them aware of the challenges facing our cities  and surrounding areas, and to inspire them to accept the responsibility of providing the leadership necessary for our county to succeed and thrive.

What We Do

The SCLI Program is a nine-session program meeting one Wednesday per month from September 2019 through May 2020. Topics to be covered during the sessions include "What is Leadership", Seeing Oneself as a Leader, Creating a Shared Understanding of the Past for a Shared Vision of the Future, Consensus Building, Collaboration, Advocating for Change, and Growing as Leaders.


Q: Who can be a class member?

 Sumner County Leadership Initiative is open to all adult community participants of greater Sumner County.  Nomination is not required, but suggestions are appreciated.  Class size is limited to 20, and participants will be accepted at the discretion of the Sumner County Leadership Initiative board.

Q: How do I apply and what is the cost to participate?

Potential participants must submit an application to the Sumner County Leadership Initiative by August 27, 2019.  Program tuition is $175 per person, which covers all expenses such as materials, meals, travel and lodging, and other supplies.  Limited scholarships are available; more information is available upon request.   Tuition is due prior to the first class in September and payable to Sumner County Economic Development Commission.

Q: What does SCLI require from program participants?

  • The program consists of 8 classroom and community information sessions, a 1-day trip to Wichita in December, and an overnight trip to the State Capitol in Topeka in February.  The program kicks off with a meet-and-greet and concludes with a graduation celebration in May.  For specific dates, see the program schedule box.  Participants are expected to attend all sessions, as each session builds on the lessons learned in the prior session. 
  • Class members will select a personal adaptive challenge to work on during the class time. Members will share their progress on the challenge at the last class sessions.


Q: Who do I contact for more information?

Program applications are available from the Sumner County Economic Development Commission office.  Electronic applications are also available online at the SCLI website. For more information about the SCLI program, contact sclikansas@gmail.com or call 620-326-8779.           

Q: What are the class dates?

September 4, October 2, November 6, December 4, 2019; January 8, February TBD, March 4, April 1, May 6, 2020.


Sumner County Leadership was formed under the leadership of Shelley Hansel, who for several years facilitated the program. Shelley's vision was to create a program centered on excellence for civic leadership developement in Sumner County. In 2016, Sumner County Leadership Initiative partnered with Sumner County Economic Development Commission. Sumner County Leadership Initiative, through Sumner County Economic Development Commission, continues to grow and foster civic leadership for a healthier Sumner County.


Be a Sponsor

Help us grow Sumner County! Businesses in Sumner County have the opportunity to become a Sponsor of SCLI and designate an individual from your organization to participate in the SCLI program. 

The Sponsorship Program offers businesses two advantages.     

The SCLI Board recognizes that many firms have personnel who are new to their positions and have not had the opportunity to become involved in their community or in Sumner County. These individuals have the potential to become leaders in their county's civic and business life. The Sponsorship Program allows these individuals to quickly learn about the county and develop an important network of colleagues from all sectors of the county.
The SCLI Board also recognizes that some business leaders may wish to designate themselves. The Sponsorship Program offers these leaders the option of self-designation, thus bypassing the normal selection process. 
The cost to a sponsoring firm for this program is $1000. Sponsors will be asked to designate their participant and have the participant complete the regular applicaiton form so we will have biographical information and an indication of their community interests. Sponsoring firms may designate their participant in any manner they choose. 

Sponsors will be recognized on the Sumner County Leadership Initiative webpage, on the SCLI Facebook page, and in all program materials. Sponsors may also be asked to be part of panel discussions about challenges facing Sumner County today and in the future. 

For more information about the Sponsorship Program, please call 620-326-8779 or email sclikansas@gmail.com

Current Sponsors


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